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Significant changes have been made to the system of company taxation in Jersey over the past few years with the introduction of the Zero/Ten regime. Whilst a large number of companies in Jersey will be taxed at 0%, others, such as financial services companies and property developers of Jersey land, are taxed at rates of 10% and 20% respectively.

Whilst paying tax at 0% may seem straightforward, issues such as capital allowances and the distribution rules will need careful consideration and possibly professional advice. BestwickRussell are able to help with this and other tax-related issues;

  • Preparation of company tax computations, company tax returns and their subsequent agreement with the Comptroller of Taxes in Jersey:
  • Consideration of tax planning;
  • GST reviews and returns; and
  • Advice on employee taxation, for both employers and employees.

Tax is one of life’s constants, and we all end up paying tax in the end. We believe in a no-nonsense approach to tax that allows us to make sure you do not end up with a tax bill that is unfair. By keeping up to date with local issues and by looking at the whole picture, we not only try to ensure our clients do not pay too much but also ensure that our clients receive the best advice possible.

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