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Asset-holding Companies

A number of individuals in Jersey hold their assets in Companies to better plan for tax and also to ensure for tidier planning should anything befall them later in life.

Should you be holding an asset be it; property, moveable assets or securities/Investments, BestwickRussell has experience in the preparation of financial statements and the associated tax filings. In the majority of cases a Jersey company is subject to tax in Jersey at the rate of 0% (zero per cent); however, in the case of property holding companies, these are taxed at 20% (twenty per cent). Considerations around the distribution rules will need to be factored in when taking money out of the company either from returns of the underlying investment or upon disposal. Professional advice is therefore recommended in this regard.

Should you need a company forming for such purpose, BR Secretaries Limited is also able to assist with this and the provision of Company Secretarial services.

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